Lesson 1

Create your brand voice

Find your unique voice and master your vibe by discovering the common themes across your communication. Then create your guidelines on how to communicate to your audience.

Lesson 2

How to use your Brand Voice

Learn how to leverage your newly found brand voice across your business and get clear on what to do and what not to do so you can build a connection with your clients. 


  • Build a consistent voice 
  • Gain customer's trust as they will know what to expect from you and understand your character.
  • Allows your audience to more easily relate to your brand and build an emotional connection to you.
  • Makes your business more recognizable.

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  • Define Your Brand Voice Mini-Course
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    Master your Voice and differentiate your brand!

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  • Lesson 1: Defining your Brand Voice
  • Lesson 2: How to use Your Brand Voice

Kristine Schwartz

Kristine Schwartz is a business & marketing coach, speaker, Mastermind Retreat Leader & creator of the Co-Creation Collective Mastermind Program. She helps female, impact-driven brands confidently build their High-Ticket Offers for recurring revenue so they can sell out their offers authentically and build organic funnels with more ease. 

Stacey LaCoursiere

Duluth Studio Co.

"Kristine is amazing to work with! She is so knowledgeable and full of authentic inspiration that has helped push me further in my goals. She has given me clarity and clearly identify where I want my business to go in the next ten years. Highly Recommended!"