So you're ready to feel completely aligned to 
your niche & your offers?
(& finally get the right, quality clients that actually want to work with you)

Maybe you're not sure how to...

  • Narrow in on a niche because you have so many amazing ideas
  • Quit starting from scratch every time you go to create content
  • Connect your passions to your ultimate purpose
  • Stop the scroll of "the right people" & hold their attention long enough to get them to notice you
  • Differentiate your ideas so you stand out

But you like the idea of...

  • Serving clients you're excited about working with
  • Creating content that your customer craves clicking on...
  • Building your product suite that is professional and show you are a leader in your space.
  • Understanding how to phrase your offers so that your potential clients feel stupid for saying no.

You've got content ideas

But they aren't capturing the attention you know they could

you have an offer &
a few clients

But your messaging feels slightly off & sometimes your clientele doesn't understand EXACTLY what you sell and why they should buy it.

people are engaging with you

But that isn't equating to buying with you so you feel frustrated on what to do next.

This is For You If: 

  • You're an impact-driven female entrepreneur
  • You're a coach, creative, helper or healers
  • Your over the daily grind of researching and not knowing where to start
  • You‘re done feeling the constant pull of something being off in your business
  • You want more clients that will pay you for your brilliance
  • You're ready to start seeing thousands hitting your bank account consistently 

What's included?

the nail your niche & your
irresistible offers mASTERCLASS

  • Avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that new online service business owners get caught up in 
  • Hone in on your niche & your message so you can feel confident & aligned when selling your services 
  • Identify your clients' pain points so you can create content that connects 
  • How to build out your product suite & what it can look like. 
  • How to create an irresistible offer that clients want to sign up for
  • Niching Guide ($99 Value) 

all yours for just $9!  

As soon as you sign up you will be
well on your way finally creating soul-aligned offers & landing quality clients!

"I’ve gotta say your trainings and workshops are exactly what I needed. Thank you universe for bringing Kristine into my life to remind me that my business is worth it aaaaand being real about the concentrated effort it takes to polish it into a diamond strategy." 

Gigi Amal
Bear Buns Closet - Owner, Stylist & Reseller

I help impact-driven females sell out their programs & offers through the leveraging the power of Pinterest

Kristine Schwartz is a business coach, speaker, & creator of the Reinvent Your Strategy Program & the Co-Creation Collective Mastermind.

She helps female, impact-driven brands confidently connect their niche digital offers, messaging, & Pinterest marketing roadmaps in repeatable & profitable ways so they can sell out their offers authentically...

...all with the foundation of elevating the customer experience & understanding the psychology of the customer journey.